Consultant - Psychiatry

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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The Department of Neurosciences at our client hospital attends patients for tertiary care in the areas of Neurosurgery, Neurology, Pediatric Neurology and Psychiatry. The Department comprises 25 Consultants in these various specialties. There is an active Residency Training Program in Neurology and Neurosurgery. A Fellowship Program exists in Psychiatry and Pediatric Neurology. The Department includes a modern Clinical Neurophysiological Laboratory, which also offers modern intra-operative monitoring.

Comprehensive Epilepsy Program:
Five (5) inpatient beds dedicated to video EEG monitoring for pre-surgical evaluation and diagnostic clarification.

Movement Disorder Program:
Investigation and management of patients with movement disorders, including ablative surgery and deep brain stimulation.

Intraoperative Monitoring:
Monitoring quality matching international eminent institutions and unique to the Kingdom.

Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory:
Equipment and expertise is world-class.

Recognized nationally for leadership in comprehensive brain and spinal tumor management and neurovascular anomalies. The Section offers minimally invasive and tailored skull base surgery, utilizing advanced technology in the field of microsurgery, endoscopy and navigational surgery.

Support Service
Support for lay personnel with epilepsy is provided by the Epilepsy Support and Information Centre (ESIC) and for the families with ADHD, an educational and support program is provided.

Epilepsy Investigation
Performing intracarotid amytal test for language lateralization and memory testing.

Movement Disorder Clinic
Expertise in botox for movement disorders.

Thrombolytic therapy for acute stroke.

Prior to offering a permanent (1-2 years) contract, the hospital may invite doctors for a one-month locum. This provides an opportunity to visit the hospital, check out the department, and see Riyadh and Saudi Arabia. This gives you the time to decide if all your critical needs and desires such as geography, income potential, practice style, administrative agendas, and community profile line up with your long-term goals.



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NOTE: Due to visa availability, this post is open to applicants holding passports of: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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