Jobs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and now rivals any modern city in the world in the splendor of its architecture. Broad highways sweep through the city, passing over or under each other in an impressive and still growing road network. Today the city extends for some 600 square miles (1600 square kilometers) and has a population of more than 5.8 million.

Of all the Kingdom's developmental achievements, Riyadh is perhaps the most obvious and accessible to the foreign visitors. All the embassies with their cultural and social events are located in Riyadh.

Three large, tertiary-care referral hospitals are located in Riyadh. For an expatriate nurse, doctor or therapist living far from home, Riyadh has many other compounds specifically designated to house expatriates from US, England, France, Germany, Australia, etc. These expatriates are enjoying their stay while making tax-free incomes. 

Nursing Jobs

Advanced Practice Nurse / Nurse Practitioner

Dietary / Nutrition Services

Nurse Manager / Head Nurse

Nurse Recruitment & Retention

Nursing Education

Nursing Executive

RN - Ambulatory Care Nursing

RN - Cardiovascular Nursing

RN - Clinical Nurse Specialist / Nurse Instructor

RN - Community Health Nursing

RN - Critical Care Nursing (Adult & Pediatric)

RN - Emergency and Trauma Nursing

RN - Home Health Nursing

RN - Informatics

RN - Locum Contracts

RN - Management / Administration

RN - Maternal Child Nursing

RN - Medical/Surgical Nursing

RN - Oncology

RN - Parent-Child Nursing

RN - Pediatrics

RN - Perioperative Nursing

RN - Quality Assurance / Improvement Nurse

RN - Wound Care - Ostomy Nursing

Physician Jobs

Department Chair/Chief/Head


MD - Allergy and Immunology

MD - Anesthesiology

MD - Cardiology

MD - Clinical Psychology

MD - Critical Care / Intensivist

MD - Dermatology

MD - Emergency Medicine

MD - Family Medicine & Polyclinics

MD - Intensive-Care/Critical-Care Medicine

MD - Internal Medicine

MD - Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary

MD - Medical Genetics

MD - Medicine

MD - Neurosciences

MD - Nuclear Medicine

MD - Obstetrics / Gynecology

MD - Oncology

MD - Ophthalmology

MD - Orthopedic Surgery

MD - Otolaryngology / H&N Surgery / Communication

MD - Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

MD - Pediatrics

MD - Plastic Surgery

MD - Psychiatry and Neurology

MD - Pulmonologist

MD - Radiology

MD - Surgery

MD - Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery

MD - Urology

Allied Health & Clinical Services Jobs

Ambulance Services

Anesthesia Technician

Central Sterilization Supply Distribution (CSSD) & Medical Stores

Clinical & Laboratory Services

Clinical/Cardiovascular Perfusionist

Dietary / Nutrition Services

Eye Services


Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology

Medical & Clinical

Medical Imaging Services


Orthotics & Prosthetics


Pharmacy Services

Radiation Therapy


Respiratory Care Services

Facility & Support Services Jobs

Food Services


IT Jobs

Network Engineering/Network Administration