RN - Solid Organ Transplant, Hepatobillary & Nephrology

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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There are 33 beds in Solid Organ Transplant, Hepatobillary & Nephrology Unit dedicated to Medical Nephrology, Medical/Surgical Liver and Renal Transplantation. Small bowel and hepatobillary are recent additions to our patient services. The unit provides intense and complex nursing care to medical/surgical adult and pediatric patients. Evidence based care, treatments and surgical interventions are applied to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. Nursing in B-2 is challenging, diversified with a focus on primary nursing. Several of the patients’ rooms have dialysis access ports and negative pressure facilities to meet patient’s needs. B-2 is complemented by the expertise of highly esteemed physicians and surgeons who work together with the nurses to achieve safe, competent and positive patient outcomes. The unit has designated specialized Health Educators who educate and are an additional resource to the team. The unit performs renal, liver and tissues biopsies and vascular insertions in our specialized procedure room. The procedure room houses a smll ultrasound machine to facilitate these procedures.
This Unit also provides clinical rotation to nursing students, interns and newly graduated nurses.

Frequent Procedures/Services/Functions:
I.  A. Management and care of Adult patients with Nephrology conditions:

   B. Management and care of patients requiring dialysis:

   C. Management and care of patients undergoing CAPD

II. A. Management and care of patients, pre and post renal transplantation:

III. A. Management and care of patients with hepatobillary and liver diseases:

IV. A. Management and care of patients undergoing small bowel transplant



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NOTE: Due to visa availability, this post is open to applicants holding passports of: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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