RN - Children's Cancer Center, Intensive Care Unit

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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This Center for Children’s Cancer Research in Riyadh is a 40-bed hospital operates as part of our client hospital and offers both inpatient and outpatient facilities.

This is the largest program dedicated to pediatric cancer and blood disorders in the region, and the second largest internationally (second to St Jude, USA). Between 60 – 70% (approximately 350-450 new cases annually) of the Kingdom’s pediatric malignancies are cared for by the Department of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. In addition to pediatric oncology, the program is considered the reference center in the region for the complicated non-malignant hematological disorders.

The Children’s Cancer Center consists of:

The aim of the Children’s Cancer Center Outpatient Department is to provide comprehensive quality care to children with hematological and oncology disorders and their families.

The Outpatient Clinic is located on the ground floor of the Cancer Center and is divided into the following three areas:

There are 33 physician clinics every week. These clinics are divided into the following:

None Physician led clinics are also available for patient care:

Frequent Procedures/Services/FunctionsThe clinic area has thirteen exam rooms, two procedure rooms and an appointment desk. Here, patients are seen by physicians, and procedures such as lumbar punctures are done with local anesthesia.

There is also the treatment area occupying 24 beds. This area is utilized for accessing port-a-catheters, short and long chemotherapy infusions, blood product transfusions and antibiotic therapy for Hematology Oncology patients. Other services provided but not limited to, are Central and PICC Line dressing change.

An 8 bedded Day Medical Surgical Unit provides medical care to Benign Hematology and post SCT patients, for supportive care not limited to blood products transfusion, antibiotics administration, and recovery/supportive care for post procedure patients (conscious sedation) and post operative patients (central line insertions/removals).

Additional services located on the ground floor include the hospital pharmacy and Employee Health clinic. The pharmacy is adjacent to Treatment Area with an access window that allows quick and easy transfer of medications for administration to patients. The pharmacy also provides an outpatient service for patients seen in the Physician clinics.

The Employee Health Clinic is open for staff requiring PPD test and vaccinations for annual recontracting.

STAFFING PLANNumber & mix of staffThe entire clinic staff is composed of the following:
1 Head Nurse
1 BMT coordinator
1 Benign Hematology Coordinator
16 Staff Nurses
3 Patient Care Assistants
3 Ward Clerks

The staffs are divided as follows:
Clinic Area                              7-8 Nurses / 3 Ward Clerks
Treatment Area                      7-9 Nurses / 1 Ward Clerks
Treatment Area                      2 Nurses (Extended hours only)
Day Medical Surgical Unit    2 Nurses
Nurse Assessment Clinic   3 Nurses
Family Health Clinic              1 Nurse
Procedure Clinic                    1 Nurse
OR-Recovery Nurse              1 Nurse

A designated nurse (Team Leader) in the treatment area provides overall coordination of activities and
transcribes orders.

No. Of Treatment Area Beds: 24
No. of Day Medical Surgical Unit (DSMU) beds: 8
Nurse Patient Ratio: 1:3-4 at a time



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