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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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The Cancer Centre (CC) is a newly established structure for cancer care of adult patients. Accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Collaborating Centre for Cancer Prevention and Control, CC patients are assessed in multidisciplinary clinics and treated in accordance with disease specific internationally accepted management guidelines.

The KFCC consists of the following sections:

Adult Medical Oncology holds regular multidisciplinary clinics for GI/GU and gynecology, combined esophagus cancer, combined breast, combined sarcoma, and combined head and neck consultation for new patients.

Hematology has expanded services with the establishment of the Tumor Immunology Laboratory in collaboration with the Research Centre and has successfully implemented the Matched Unrelated Donor Transplantation (MUD), the Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation (UCB) and the Non-Neoplastic Hematology Programs for care of patients with congenital and acquired bleeding disorders.

Radiation Therapy remains at the cutting edge of technology offering treatment varying from conventional external beam RT to highly specialized treatments such as Total Body Irradiation, and total skin electron therapy and stereotactic RT, pediatric radiotherapy, and intracavitary brachytherapy for gynecologic malignancies.

The Centre has established one of the few interdisciplinary palliative care teams in the Middle East that provides and develops end-of-life care for those patients who have poor prognosis that is consistent with the culture of the region.

The Research Unit provides support for research projects and serves as a hospital base for cancer and bone marrow transplantation registries. CC continues to be actively involved in institutional, national, and international research protocols with priority given to those addressing national oncology problems.

Medical Oncology, staffed by eight Consultant Medical Oncologist physicians, is part of the Cancer Center (CC).

Data for 2006 shows:

Prior to offering a permanent (one- or two-year) contract, the hospital may invite doctors for a one-month locum. This provides an opportunity to see the hospital, the department, Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia before making a long-term commitment



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