Application Process

  • Application Process

We take the following steps (in general) to process your application for hospitals in the Middle East:

  1. Please register online with us, and submit your resume/CV.
  2. We match your resume with the best suitable vacancies we have at our client hospitals. We then contact you to discuss these vacancies with you, provide you with information about the locations, working environments, contract conditions, salary scales, benefits packages, etc.
  3. If agreed to a job position, salary scale, etc, we email you all the required forms (for initial consideration).
  4. You complete the application forms and send them to us by email, mail or fax.
  5. We review your documents and contact you for any further discussion or options.
  6. We submit your documents to our client hospitals of your choice for initial considerations.
  7. The hospitals usually take 2 to 6 weeks to review/approve the applicant. If a job position is not available anymore, the hospitals may keep your resume in their database for future vacancies.
  8. Once approved for hire by the hospital, we arrange for an interview and other information session.
  9. We send you the contract package that includes your contract, visa application, medical forms, and other required forms and hospital informative or job specific material. We also send you a list of documents/items required for the visa application process.
  10. Once we have your file complete for your visa application, we will apply for your visa. The embassy usually takes 5 to 7 business days for visa processing.
  11. We will inform you and mail your passport with visa stamp back to you.
  12. We will discuss with you and confirm a departure date of your preference. We will provide you a travel itinerary for your approval.
  13. We will provide you an airline ticket or eTicket for your approved travel itinerary.
  14. We will contact you for a final discussion and a meet & greet session.
  15. And you will be on your way to your new home!

It may take up to 1-6 weeks from the date we receive your complete application to get you to your new job location. Please keep your current job until you get your passport back from us with a visa stamp.

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